When Trade Exceeds Time and Space

Trade is one of the oldest forms of conveying products between people. It started by exchanging goods or even services without money having a role in this process. But it has evolved to become more sophisticated, and now the process is known worldwide by importing and exporting.

Some goods are manufactured in one country and exported to another one such as arms, agricultural machinery, and digital products, on the other hand, that country might import products from other countries that are not available in its lands such as gas, oil, food, and agricultural products.

The methods of delivering the goods differ depending on their size and quantity, as the goods can be delivered directly at the factory, onboard the ship at the port designated for loading, or at the port designated for arrival.

There are many ways to pay for goods such as an open account, a credit card, prepay, and consignment. For import and export operations to take place, an effective mechanism is required that allows companies and producing countries to display their products. Like for example, product displays can be via brochures, catalogs, advertising flyers, and televisions.

However, the exhibitions remain the largest place in which these countries and companies display their products, in a specific place and for a specific time, but the digital revolution had its word in converting import and export into pleasure, the pleasure of entering virtual worlds that include real products, boundless worlds that put all products in merchants’ hands so that they can watch them via virtual galleries or digital platforms like WFoodExpo.com platform, this method allows traders to cross the barriers of space, time and emergency conditions that may hinder the conduct of the trade.

Through the technologies provided by these virtual exhibitions, the establishment of webinars and bilateral talks between companies participating in the exhibitions became easy and possible, it also allowed customers to make video calls or send instant messages, and it provided an interpretation service for communication between all parts of the world without having a language barrier. All that to enhance virtual trade and digital marketing, and strengthen their role in global trade platforms.

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